Kelly Atkin

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"Natural Mid-Atlantic Voice with Warmth and Vivacity"
Kelly Atkin

Coming from a British-American background and living in Australia, my accent falls naturally in the mid-Atlantic range and is perfect for clients who are looking for a voice that appeals to multiple markets. However, my natural speaking voice is primarily British.

For commercial reads, I can be that trusted, down-to-earth friend, pair it back for your warm and calming young mum, or dial it up a notch for that cool, high energy Rimmel London style!

For professional and corporate reads, I can deliver a polished, story-telling style to help bring your brand essence and services to life.

I love the challenge of finding genuine characters for each read and offering different takes on bringing them to life. So for whatever you're looking for, from corporate to cartoonish, I'd love to show you what I have to offer!


I have trained with world class VO coaches across different markets, in London (Dian Perry) and Sydney (Amy Longhurst and Amy Hume). I have furthered my acting training with Improv Theatre Sydney with whom I perform regularly, The Hub Studio as well as taken several courses on radio and character acting with City Lit London and regularly attend online workshops via Gravy For The Brain. The training is always on-going!


I have lent my voice to several characters in an anthology podcast series produced by Pulp Fury Radio (, as well as a recurring live radio drama produced for Giant Dwarf Productions called The Derryn Hinch Justice League. Outside of dramatic voice acting, I have been the go-to VO for Zenith Media Australia, voicing their corporate case studies and pitch work. More recently, I have worked with the branded content agency, Chello with clients such as LIV for their radio and online commercials as well as their telephony customer services.


With my Anglo-American heritage and current residency in Australia, I specialise in delivering a smooth mid-Atlantic accent as well as naturalised British, US and Australian accents and UK regional variants.