Kelly MacBride

Kelly MacBride

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"Neutral English British Millennial Delivering Warmth & Vivacity"

Hi there! I’m Kelly MacBride. An award-nominated British millennial voice over working from my broadcast-quality home studio specialising in commercial, corporate, character and dramatic voice over

Originally from Hertfordshire, England, I have a neutral British voice that has been described as dynamic, conversational and expressive with bright and warm youthful tones. With my American heritage and living in Australia, I also hit that sweet spot of having a uniquely global accent that will lend your project an international and ‘unplaceable’ sound. Thanks to my international background I also work seamlessly in Standard American, Australian and Mid-Atlantic accents! In terms of voice age range, I can deliver child, teen, 20s, and 30s.

So whether you’re looking for a genuine Brit, a quirky off-beat character, or an international voice that'll cross cultures and appeal to multiple markets, I’d love to show you the unique, story-telling style I can bring to your project!


Whether it’s an online script read-through or workshop with Gravy for the Brain, a specialist course in voice, or coaching - the training is always ongoing! I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the best coaches in the biz! From Character & Narrations guru, Dian Perry, to the late, great Amy Longhurst, to Aussie power houses Cecelia Ramsdale and Deanna Cooney. I love getting new perspectives on my voicing and learning from coaches with varied disciplines.

Formal Training:

Sydney Theatre School Graduate, 2021
Improv Theatre Sydney Graduate, 2018
The Hub Studio : Linklater Course: Freeing the Natural Voice
City Lit : Creating Character Voices Course
City Lit : Acting for Radio course
City Academy : Voice Over Acting Course
City Lit : Acting Improvers course


I've been very lucky to have worked with some super collaborative and interesting clients. From corporate narrations for the likes of Microsoft, Nestle, Intel, Chanel, Starbucks, Ferrero, and several universities, to big brand commercials for the likes of Qatar Airways, CarGurus, Thomas Cook, StockX and Cetaphil.


With my Anglo-American heritage and from living in Australia, I specialise in delivering a smooth neutral English / mid-Atlantic accent as well as naturalised British, US and Australian accents and UK regional variants.