Jean Jemo

Jean Jemo

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"Native French, warm with a big presence"

Professional and articulate for corporate presentations.
Playful and upbeat for commercials.
Intimate and personal for narration.

What you get: authentic French and English with an authentic French accent.
I also speak German and will gladly do voiceovers in German with the same warmth and presence.


As a trained musician I have acquired a greater awareness of the importance of rhythm, pacing, breathing, tone and dynamics, and other factors at play in the production of the spoken word.
As a performer I have learned to marry the sculpted improvisation with the carefully crafted text, to bring the message to life in my native language.


Some of my recent voiceover work includes corporate presentations for major companies such as Apple, Bose, Cardinal Health, Heineken, Hewlett-Packard, Honeywell, HSBC, ITT, McAfee, Merck, Scotts, Textron, Xerox, as well as work for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

I am also involved in animated movies broadcast on French TV.

L'expérience pratique des studios d'enregistrement new-yorkais

You can listen to me on the web, for instance, advertising for kiwis:, or speaking for the American Battle Monuments Commission:
You want to learn French the way it's spoken? Listen to me on

Worried about what smartphones can do to you? Then look at this:
Want to see some real French Evil Guy in action? Here it is:


Own recording studio with dedicated vocal booth.
Mics: CAD E100S Equitek, Røde NT1A, EV RE20
Preamp: Universal Audio
Digidesign 003
Pro Tools on Mac

As a French translator, I can offer you the added value of a talent able to convey your message in the language that speaks to your audience.

Übersetzungen Englisch-Französisch,