Amanda Alves de Andrade Aguiar

Amanda Alves de Andrade Aguiar

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"The Voice Actress for Entertainment & The Narrator for eLearning"

Amanda de Andrade is a Bilingual (American-Brazilian) voice actress who has a full voice range with a natural advantage on conversational, warm, and confident approaches. However, learned vocal skills in the last years broadened her palette to unlimited and always-new colors and nuances.

Amanda has worked on various musical and acting projects since she was a teenager, including audiobook narration, on-stage presentations, and singing. In the last four years, she has been fully committed to the VO career and has brought verified success to her clients in all of these categories: Ads, In-Company Presentations, Documentaries, Educational, Telephone Systems, Apps, Games, Podcast and Animation. Her voice is on the BBC Radio, in many US Universities, inside a variety of Multinational Companies, in apps for kids, and in apps for grown-ups... and you can't even notice that it is the same voice, the same Amanda.

She has worked for +50 of the 500-fortune companies and even more agencies, studios, small businesses, and startups.

Amanda was the first voice of Asana Rebel App in Portuguese; she is the official voice of KenHub in Brazil and is delivering dubbed content for Discovery Education since January 2021.

Talk to her at:
+55 48 99108 6227


My work is defined by three important principles: clear and positive communication, total commitment to the client’s goals and expertise to accomplish every step of the project with complete attention to detail.

1) I value communication. That is why I dedicate myself to understanding the project, clearing any doubts, and keeping the client updated on the progress of my work. This rapport ensures the client that I’m being guided by their schedule and goals.

2) I commit to the project results.
Some clients look for suggestions, insights, and guidance from a professional. In most cases, however, the client already knows what they want - and I respect that. I strive to identify their own goals, plan every step - from conception to execution -, and employ the techniques and strategies that will bring the exact results they desire.

3) I aspire after excellency by taking care of every detail.
To me, a voiceover project is more than just reading a script.
My projects include a thorough analysis of the script, niche, and audience, as well as the adaptation of tone, rhythm, and many other voice aspects according to the genre. After the recording and editing stage, I will attentively revise their files to guarantee the correct content, format and technical specifications. This process assures the client that the final product will meet his/her vision.



*Most game-changing experiences that make all the difference when I'm performing:

2009 - 2011: Masterclasses with Neyde Thomas on Voice and Classical Singing
2013 - 2015: University UDESC - Music and Performance
2017 - 2018: Music and Audio Production Specialization - Berklee College of Music Online
2017 - 2019: The Deva Method™ on Voice and Singing


In satisfying 100% of my clients - really, not a single one bad experience in the last 3 years!

Some of the super satisfied clients:
AsanaRebel, Hyatt Hotels, Discovery Education, AIM Films, Novo Nordisk, You Visit, Kenhub and other +170.


Deep knowledge on Health, Yoga, Mindfulness, Music, and other topics;
Audio Engineering education and Studio ownership;
Adobe Audition CC2021 and Full Adobe package;
ProTools proficiency.

*Additional vocal abilities:
Dubbing and Character development
American English or with Brazilian accent
Portuguese dialects (carioca, paulista, neutro, gaúcho, or from Mozambique, Angola and Cabo Verde)