Amanda de Andrade

Amanda de Andrade

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"Your project's success - the Voice Actress you always count on"

Welcome! So good to have you here.
Entrepreneurs, agencies, and producers are super welcome - we love making your ideas and projects come true, no matter the size or nature of the project.
I'm a versatile and proactive voice actress with a broadcasting studio and a team of creatives helping businesses and ideas grow in the Brazilian market.

I provide my clients with authentic, conversational, confident reads and my warm, young, enthusiastic tone.
My clients also benefit from my acting, musical and creative skills when I perform impersonations, characters, ages, extreme emotions, novel timbres and specific vocal attributes in Brazilian Portuguese and American English, in unlimited genres & styles.
I've been directed on remote recording sessions from my home studio as well as been diligent and dependable to self-direct myself and record offline.

In summary:

◾️ My goal is to make your project unique, effective, beautiful and true.
◾️ I'm excited to work with directors, agencies, creatives, producers, entrepreneurs and C-collars as well.
◾️ You'll receive a tactic, tailored voice-over, not a generical, worthless recording;
◾️ I value my client's time, so you can expect a fluid workflow and a clever framework;
◾️ Each category of voice over has its own prices, styles and particularities, so feel free to send me a message with your budget and we can discuss the details.

Don't be shy!
Send me your message, ask for a personalized sample, a quote or more demos:

+55 48 99108 6227


Since 2015: Continuous individual training in acting, singing, voice, emotions, audio, and vocal psychology.

Overall Curriculum
2009 - 2011: Masterclasses with Neyde Thomas on Voice and Classical Singing
2013 - 2015: University UDESC - Music and Performance
2017 - 2018: Music and Audio Production Specialization - Berklee College of Music
2017 - 2019: The Deva Method™ on Voice and Singing


Wayfinder Video Game - I give voice to Venomess and Ruby. 2023
FarLight 84 Video Game - I give voice to Monica (Phantom). 2023
Amazon Music - Official Brazilian voice for commercials. 2023/2nd semester
Undead World Hero Survival Game - I created and recorded the vocal design for Anna. 2022


Deep/Bachelor-level knowledge of Health, Medical content, Technology, Yoga, Mindfulness and Music.
Audio Engineering education and Studio ownership;
Adobe Audition CC and Full Adobe package for Video and Image processing;
ProTools proficiency.

*Additional vocal abilities:
Dubbing and Character development
American English or with Brazilian accent
Portuguese dialects (carioca, paulista, catarinense, mineiro)