Amanda Alves de Andrade Aguiar

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"The Voice Artist for Entertainment & The Narrator for E-learning"
Amanda Alves de Andrade Aguiar

I could start by telling you about my studio, my education, my story, how much I love my job but... My work is primarily about results, your ideas and your client's expectations; my studio, expertise, and motivations must serve what we both have in common: our project's goal.

"How do you work? What should I expect? How will you deliver the results we are expecting?" are very fair questions! So let me tell you why I have been satisfying 100% of my clients in the last 2 years...

My work is defined by three important principles: clear and positive communication, total commitment to the client’s goals and expertise to accomplish every step of the project with complete attention to detail.

1) I value communication. That is why I dedicate myself to understanding the project, clearing any doubts, and keeping the client updated on the progress of my work. This rapport ensures the client that I’m being guided by their schedule and goals.

2) I commit to the project results.
Some clients look for suggestions, insights, and guidance from a professional. In most cases, however, the client already knows what they want - and I respect that. I strive to identify their own goals, plan every step - from conception to execution -, and employ the techniques and strategies that will bring the exact results they desire.

3) I aspire after excellency by taking care of every detail.
To me, a voiceover project is more than just reading a script.
My projects include a thorough analysis of the script, niche, and audience, as well as the adaptation of tone, rhythm, and many other voice aspects according to the genre. After the recording and editing stage, I will attentively revise their files to guarantee the correct content, format and technical specifications. This process assures the client that the final product will meet his/her vision.


"How did you get here? What's so special about you?"

I have been acting and singing since childhood. In 2012, I began my formal studies in Music and Performance at UDESC. I worked as a musician and a video talent until 2015, when I started offering voice-over services to companies and entrepreneurs.

At that time, my voice was immediately appreciated for having the qualities required for the Educational, Conversational Advertising, Meditation and Storytelling genres. My valuable experience in many forms of art, as well as my innate creativity, was the door to this diverse realm of possibilities that is the voice-over world. In the same year, I deepened my musical and scientific knowledge by taking a Specialization Certificate on Audio Production at Berklee Online.

2017 was a very special year in my career. In July of that year, I signed my first Exclusivity Agreement as a Voice Talent with the German Company Asana Rebel. As soon as I noticed such constant and positive feedback from my clients, I recognized that vocal performance was my joy and my business. Since then, I have developed a fast, yet solid, experience in many genres and have had the opportunity to work directly with great companies and teams from more than 20 countries.

Today, I am a full-time voice-over artist with a strong technology background and my own private studio. I’m currently working on my Certificate on Performing Arts and Storytelling.

I am delighted to say that each and every one of my clients, from small entrepreneurs to recognized multi-national brands, has been completely satisfied with my work. This is tangible proof that encourages me to keep up with the commitment and thoroughness that continuously bring amazing results to any project in which I collaborate.


Uncountable courses on Singing, Performing Arts, and Voice-Over genres.
B. A. in Music and Performance - UDESC (2012 - 2015)
Specialization on Audio Production - Berklee Online (2015 - 2017)


Some clients:
AsanaRebel, AIM Films, Meditopia, BNDES, Ministry of Education, Novo Nordisk, John Deere, You Visit, Eye Design NY, Odebrecht, and many more.


Audio editing & Post-production; unlimited revisions and modifications (why? your satisfaction matters).