Winter Foenander

Winter Foenander

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"Personable, trustworthy, warm, likeable and melodic."

I'm trained in improv and I've been using my voice professionally for the last 11years of comedy. Mimicking various characters and voices in my act.


Voicemaster Course, BBC Voice Coach (Steve Hudson) - 2003
City in guilds in Radio Broadcasting - 2003
Gaiety School of Acting 2008
Silvia Young Acting School 2018


• Voice Actor – Paul “Blag,” Eclectic Full Contact Theatre – Directed by Sophie Flack.
• Voiceover – Video Walkthrough – Kinesis Money Management – Corporate. Voiceover – Prime Disaster Recovery – Six Box Media Ltd.
• Voiceover – DLA Piper Lawyer Firm (Spotify Commercial) – Paragon Communications
• Voice Actor – Noah/Videogame “Expedition 33,” Sandfall Project.
• Voiceover – BOKI – Middlesex University Promo.
• Voiceover – “Irish Life”- Cryptoguy – Solent films.
• Voiceover – eToro Trading App “Zero”– Jungle Studios – Another Production.
• Voiceover – Buymie “Personal Shopping at Your Fingertips” – Commercial –Skylark Media.
• Voiceover Explainer – Kinesis Money Management – Kinesis Money – Internet.
• Voiceover - See Check and Notify (SCaN) | CPNI (PIF) – Pukka Films
• Voiceover – Vortexa Freight Analytics –Clearhead.
• Voice Actor – The Football Battalion – Irish Character “Eric” – Carmine Street
• Voice Actor – Roland (Elf Hunter) “Talis,” Fantasy Animation, Director – Georgia Lomax.
• Voiceover – William (Narrator), “When the World Stood Still,” a dystopian nightmare, Directed by Jack Melton.
• Voice Actor – Steven (Lead), “Relic,” dementia drama. Wild Duck Theatre Production, Directed by Jamie Barker.
• Voiceover (Corporate) “Kumulate Video Storage Solution,” Somersault Agency.
• Voice Actor – Joker Audio Drama, “Batman Noel,” – Directed by Andreas Christou.
• Voice Actor – Harry (Amnesia Suffer “Scrapbooker, - Directed by Liam Driver.
• Voice Actor – Joe (Sociopath) “Desolation,” Gitano Pictures – Directed by Antony Schelts.
• Voice Actor – Eloi “Diltie Moss,” Eclectic Full Contact Theatre – Directed by Sophie Flack.
• Voice Actor (George) “Serial Killer,” Survival – Girl in the Shadows, London Filmmakers Collective Filmmakers Group.
• Voice Actor (Teacher) “The Investment” – Director – Rick Tobin.
• Voiceover (Narrator) Schizophrenia in the media Short Film, Director James Mitchell.
• Voice Actor (Reader) Animation, Reheated Pixels – Director – Peter Thomas.
• Voice Actor (Mr Anderson) Titanic Radio Drama “Unsinkable” Director – Niall Hegarty.
• Voice Actor (Notorious Field Marshall Sir Douglas Haig) – Director – Nick Zerafa.
• Voiceover, Doctor, “Switch,” Film Director – Lara Mepham.
• Voiceover (Various East Dublin Accents), “Sherman & Jasper,” North to South, Audio Comedy Play by Olivia Lewis-Brown.
• Voiceover (New York Accent) “Theatre Announcer & Police Officer” Sound
Stories – The Show Must Go On! – Director, Journey Brown – Saintel
• Voiceover “BBC Newsreader” – Screentime – Director, Bella Roberts
• Voiceover “Gascon, Siward (Northman), • Horseman,” Piercing Time – A Political
Thriller & Love Story Written by Rebecca Robinson.
• Voiceover “Assassin”, (Yorkshire Accent, Uncovered: The City of Shottnam).
• Voiceover “Security Guard,” Wordtastic (Spy Podcast).
• Voiceover “Narrator,” Horror Short (The Edge of Midnight).
• Voice Actor, “The Winter Soldier,” Animation, Director Mario Estaban Duran.
• Voiceover “Spider-man Noir” Animation, Director Mario Estaban Duran.
• Voice of “Flammie” Computer Game Voiceover.


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