Wayne Reusch

Membre depuis 3 années •
"Friendly, relatable Mid-Atlantic voice with a memorable tone"

My tone is naturally conversational and bright. It has been described as quirky, playful, thoughtful, chill, easygoing, fun, smart, bright, mirthful, insightful, and incisive. But my voice is versatile enough to enable me to deliver nearly any read - from warm to sarcastic and from authoritative to quirky. I have been described as “supremely direct-able” and “unfailingly professional."


In addition to decades of experience as an actor and singer, I have had personal vocal coaching with Jess Baldwin Voice Studios, personal VoiceOver coaching with J. Michael Collins from JMC Voiceover, and personal VoiceOver coaching with Mike Hathcote from Mike Hathcote Media.


I have decades of experience as an actor and singer in a variety of genres and styles. My voiceover credits currently are limited, but growing.


I am an actor, voice actor, singer (tenor), songwriter, and musician (guitarist).