Vince Melamed

Vince Melamed

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"rich, malleable, compassionate, or funny"

Versatility is the key...for years i did regional work, mainly character voices, some commercials as a Nashville resident...even had a radio show in college in LA...
But when i quit music 4 years ago and moved back to LA, I went voice work full time..studied with Nancy Wolfson, and honed in on straight read, commercial material..
however, I do get bookings still for character voices (Nintendo,2k Games, jacksonville Jaguars radio spots)
I love the keeps it all interesting
i also love the characters, dialects, accents
I can portray a young adult up to a senior citizen, can do soft or hard sell...documentary reads (various museum reads)


Nancy Wolfson


Disney Channel..Disney's Hall of Villians
2K Games..Mafia III
Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville radio
Jacksonville Jaguars radio spots
Nintendo Mario kart radio spots
Bay Cities California drought PSA
Chevy Geo radio
Haiti Tourism spots
Numerous video game characters


I was a BMI multi award winning writer, with hits as well as music cues ..Justified, Army Wives, Acess Hollywood, etc....
i have access to my cues library if needed
Keyboards for Bob Dylan, Eagles, Jimmy Buffett, Bobby Womack, Dan Fogelberg, Rita Coolidge, etc