Vijayan Menon

Vijayan Menon

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"Talk to me and I will talk for you!"

After spending seventeen years of corporate life in the field of garment exports, I eventually quit my job to enter the field of voicing and start from scratch. Since then there has been no looking back. All of us in general, are used to living a life within our comfort zone and with financial security. A lot of us are used to taking home a salary every month and it leaves us at peace thinking – “no matter what, im gonna get my salary next month”. For some it’s hard earned money after a months hard work, for some it’s a trip of earning higher and higher salaries and jump jobs in order to reach a higher position and pay package, for some it is just perfect because it keeps them busy and it pays them too, for some it leaves them with no choice because they got into it and it runs their homes. I was also a part of the salary taking people who just did not want to go to work, but it kept the house running and so it went on for 17 long years and several companies. It was in April 2010, that I decided to quit my job forever and get into full time voicing. After thousands of calls to production houses, agents etc, after sleepless nights and rounds and rounds of auditions and running around studios I got to know the voicing industry and started getting into the grind of full time voicing.
With very little to no work sometimes and low money inflow eating into savings, the first three years were tough. From making calls everyday to ask for work to receiving calls for work almost every other day has been a journey. But whats more important is what the journey has taught me. Yes, if you are passionate about what you do and enjoy it, then it lets you go through the downs, because we all like the ups in life. This profession is like living life with a sword around your neck. Its there today and could be gone tomorrow. Networking and Sustaining are two important factors that I learnt one has to keep going through because loving what you do and believing in it lets you sustain any situation. One has to keep learning and exceling every day, because a lot of people make money in this profession but only a handful make lots of money eventually not just because they wanted to, but they excelled in it. Money is very important in life, but yes if you want to make money your goal then there are lots of other professions and businesses and jobs one can do. But if you really believe in yourself and love what you do, you don’t have to follow money, it follows you. So go ahead to do what you love doing and believe in yourself. Never feel that you have done it all, or you have arrived or you have learnt it all, because the journey goes on, but the destination….UNKNOWN. That’s how it is here.


I have been in the voicing profession for more than eleven years and started from scratch. Whatever I have learnt about voicing is totally on the job because I have not taken any formal training in voicing.


1. Narrator (English) for an original show named Mega Icons on National Geographic Channel.
2. Narrator (Hindi) for a show titled "Toughest Jobs in the Universe" on BBC Earth.
3. Voiceover for Promos (English) of Animal Planet and Discovery.
4. Voiceover for TV commercials (English) for some of the globally popular brands like Gillette, Volkswagen, Nivea, Samsung, Hyundai, Ford etc.


I have not done any assignments in singing or composing etc, however I am undergoing vocal training for Indian Classical Music since the last one year.