Vanessa Poole

Vanessa Poole

Membre depuis 10 années •
"Warm authoritative BBC English. Very experienced, all accents."

My voice can sell anything.I am a highly experienced British English actress, I speak RP or BBC English. I have a warm, pleasant voice, as a voiceover artist I am always convincing and very versatile. I can do any accent, any characterisation with style, dash and authority. I am a voiceover talent with access to my own professional recording studio, based in Sweden, fast and accurate when I record, excellent at taking direction and highly professional. I have been recording for radio advertising, documentaries, infomercials, computer games, e/learning for over 20 years. I started as a child doing radioplays in English for schools. I have a very good ear and am also good at doing native English accents and foreign accents convincingly, due to my theatre training and experience. I also speak fluent Italian, fluent Swedish, some Arabic, some French, all of which gives me an advantage when it comes to sight reading and pronunciation. As a pedagogue I am very successful at educational material. As a practised public speaker, I excell at sales talk and business or corporate texts.


I am a trained and experienced actress, with years of performing on stage and some film work behind me, in chorus parts, small and leading roles, in straight plays, drama , comedy and pantomime. I regularly attend drama workshops and courses to keep my skills honed. Most recently I have attended workshops on Alexander Technique, voice control and NLP. I act on stage in English, in Malmo and Copenhagen and record voiceovers in English for major Scandinavian organisations and companies. I am also an experienced public speaker and occasional lecturer at university level, as well as an EFL teacher.


“When I hire Vanessa I know that I will get a fast and professional result that will please both me and my customers. I would recommend Vanessa without hesitation to anyone in need of a high quality voiceover performance."
Håkan Bengtsson | Production Manager
Symbal Communication AB
Malmö, Sweden

Samples of Vanessa Poole's work:-
Infomercials and corporate video voiceovers: Ikea, Tetra Pac, Ericsson Mobile, Astra Zeneca
TV advertising: Swedish TV4, TV Shop, Dell Computers (pilot)
Online internal instruction manuals for engineers: Ericsson, Tetra Pac
Medical videos: Swedish National Health Board, Swedish Social Services.
Radio advertising: , Crafoords,Brewmaster, Malta/Sicily Ferries, Metro Newspaper , City Gallerian shopping centre Malmö.
Headphone voiceover commentary exhibitions: Moderna Museet, Dunckers Kulturhus, Tycho Brahe Museum (Ven)
E learning: English-language text books audio for Norwegian schools, English for schools, Swedish national ciurriculum textbooks Grade 7, Bring
On board ship announcements: Steena Line Ferries
Computer game distributed internationally: Horse & Pony


I am also a qualified English and EFL teacher, I write copy in English and translate from Swedish and Italian to English. I regularly also proofread and correct texts, both for publication and recording. I am regularly used by recording studios not only as a voiceover artist therefore, but also as an English language expert. As a supplementary service, I would be happy to check the grammar, style and content of your text before recording if neccessary.