Trishauna Archer

Trishauna Archer

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"A warm , friendly/ sexy tone with lots of variations"

My voice has been described as warm and welcoming, also a friendly tone with lots of range.

I was born in Jamaica but grew up in Ireland so I can speak Jamaican Patois. I think having a diverse background gives my voice a luxurious warmth with a unique sound.

I can switch accents which is great for scripts that require a bit more variety. Working in theatre means I can broaden my tones to also have a more dramatic flair.

I have been in the industry for ten years and have learned the art of diversifying my range when necessary.


I am an accomplished voice-over artist and broadcaster with nearly a decade of experience working in broadcast media (TV and radio) at regional and national levels in Ireland. As a radio presenter working in the industry, I have gained skills from not only studying media in Uni incorporating both radio and television but also from working directly in the field.

As an experienced broadcaster, I have had the opportunity to work with some of the most highly regarded voice-over artists in the country and have gained a great understanding and insight into how voiceover campaigns operate.

I have been an active member of the theatre and have been cast as the lead in a few stage musicals, Sister Act 1 and 2.

Working in theatre over the years has broadened my range and given me invaluable experience with different techniques to explore my vocal capacity.


Some of the voiceover campaigns I have worked on during my career to date include :

JD Sports
Lifestyle Sports
'Headbombz' - Mental Health National campaign

To name but a few!

I am currently the female station voice for iRadio in the midlands in Ireland and I am also a broadcaster for Bauer Media (98fm and Spin 103-8.)

Over the last decade, I have recorded hundreds of radio adverts for not only regional stations but also nationals.


I can sing.