Toufic Chehab

Toufic Chehab

Membre depuis 3 années
"Arabic voice over with an articulate, deep and soothing voice"

I was working as a full-timer for Image Production House Beirut and Dubai :
1. Dubbing Director
2. Customer care representative
2. Script editing for both Arabic and English documentaries and cartoon
(dubbing for FOX BBC Nat Geo Abu Dhabi Al Arabiya etc...)

I have worked as a TV presenter for TRT Arabic in Istanbul

And in radio production for International Media Broadcast.

Specialties: Customer Care, Creative Content, Media Planning, Radio Production, TV Commercial Production, Media Campaign Management, TV/Radio Presenting, Voice Over-ing, Journalism, Media Marketing


In a dubbing studio at Image Production House in Beirut. More than 10 years of experience.


Worked with Big brands like Huwaei , Cartoon Network Arabia, Warner, Al Arabiya etc...


I have experience in post-production and now learning video editing and production.