Tim Carper

Tim Carper

Membre depuis 5 années
"My goal is to make your project exactly what you want it to be"

I worked for 25 years in radio. I was a sports broadcaster as well as morning show host. I had to be a "one man band" in local radio. I often wrote, cut, produced and mixed my own commercials, promos, etc. But that has given me a great appreciation for what goes into being a great VO actor. I was forced to retire from radio in 2016 because of Parkinson's Disease. But that gave me the opportunity to start my own VO Company and that is what I am doing today. I maintained a few clients from my radio days, then added audio books and video VO to my resume. I love it!


25 years in radio


I have done several "regional" commercials for companies like:
HR Block
Pizza Hut
State Farm

I am currently working for Audible in producing Audio Books

I am under contract with a national nursing education company as a voice over for their educational DVD's and online videos


I can do just about anything you need in this business.