Terri Brown

Membre depuis 3 années •
"Neutral British female with flexibility and warm undertones"

A trained actor and singer I have great vocal control. Great at mimicking accents, bringing words to life and modulating my tone to suit to the clients needs.
I have over 25 years experience in video and audio editing and I currently use the Adobe suite for both. I am able to create or find audio effects as necessary and edit them seamlessly into the piece. I can provide audio in most file formats as required.
I was a successful freelance writer for over 10 years, now I am a published author - so I am able to write or edit copy.
Confident on the mic and in front of the camera I am an accomplished, successful and energetic all rounder who thrives in a busy and creative environment. I love what I do and it shows in everything I produce.


My first mic training was actually with Gala Bingo. I had voice training and mic control training to call the big national games. I received further voice training as my singing career developed. This is also when I began my radio broadcasting career first with Energy Radio in Tenerife and later with Overseas FM, Bay radio on the South coast of Spain and lastly with Fresh Radio in Benidorm. With each station I received multiple training courses on voice over work for jingles and adverts and voice training for speaking on the radio.
I am currently studying with Gravy for the Brain to hone my abilities and I will always be improving and taking training courses to be the best that I can be.


I have been extremely fortunate to have had a varied and very interesting life. I have experience in most media related fields. Specifically with audio and voice overs in mind, I was very proud to be asked by Royal Mail to present their in house training video whilst in college. I was also very privileged to do the voice over for a couple of the WWF filmed in the waters around Tenerife. I have worked in radio for many years and my proudest moment here was presenting a 40 hour non stop show to raise money for the volunteer fire fighters in Javea when the fires devastated the area a couple of years ago. I managed to raise over €5000 (and not pass out!)
I am currently producing a couple of amazing audio books for new Indie authors which I have the feeling will soon be high on the top sellers ranks.


I can write scripts and add special effects in post production. I have my own in house studio with the latest equipment. I am also a singer and am happy to yodel out a few notes if needed.