Susan Wade

Membre depuis 1 décennie
"The Voice that Connects...Warm Friendly Conversational Energetic"

I have a very versatile voice that can adapt to the mood and intent of your script. Whether you want a voice that is warm and inviting, energetic and exciting, sophisticated and captivating, or confident and professional Susan Wade is the voice for you.


With a BA in Theater & Speech and an MA in Communication Disorders most of my life has been spent either interpreting the spoken word or helping others improve their communication skills.

Continued training for voiceover with the following:

Pat Fraley

John Burr Productions
Michael Minetree
Weist Barron Studios


Some of the clients that have chosen Susan Wade to give their message a voice include:

Crossroads Mall
Ag Industrial Power
Community of Christ
Worlds of Fun
WCEN Radio
Community Church of Sterling
American Family Radio: "Stories By Nancy"
Home Health & Hospice Care


I can believably provide the following dialects and accents: several different degrees of US southern and country, Midwestern, Minnesota, NY/NJ, British, valley girl, French, Italian