Sunny Patel

Sunny Patel

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"Deep Bass and Calming"

I have a very unique voice. It is deep and bass level. As well as a voice actor for 4 years I have also been acting for three years, so I am able to do a variety of accents which range from the RP English accent, which is my standard accent. I can also do Scottish, Irish, a variety of North American accents, Asian and Middle eastern accents as well as Caribbean, West and East African accents. I am also able to do vocal impersonations such as Morgan Freeman, Barack Obama and Nelson Mandela. As I am of Indian descent I also do voice overs in 3 other languages (Hindi, Gujarati and Urdu), however my mother tongue is English. I have also demonstrated my vocal abilities as a stage actor in over 8 local theatre productions, in lead roles such as Misanthrope and Cyrano de Bergerac.

In my personal life, I grew up in London, UK. I am well travelled across Southern Africa, South America, Middle East and the Indian subcontinent, where I have not just travelled but have done NGO Advocacy work and Volunteer Teaching. I also used to work as a Police Community Support Officer in London as well as a freelance journalist. So I have used my life experiences and my experiences in meeting other people all over the world in my job as a voice actor.


I learnt my voice over skills from Gary Terrza, who is a well known voice over artist with a career spanning two decades and has his own VO Masterclass courses. I have trained with him for a year and a half, which includes live feedback sessions as well as learning about vocal technique and improving my voice range.

My training with Gary definitely set me on the right track and since then my career has definitely been getting stronger.


From all the Voice over jobs that I have done, my greatest achievements have been working as lead character voice in the cult classic video game Warhammer 40k as well working for Swarovski. Finishing the narration of Audiobook Series, The Biodome Chronicles is also a highlight. Here is the list of clients I have worked for and the type of VOs that I did.

Swarovski - Internal business video VOs
Shakespeare Globe - Narrator
Neocore Games - Lead Character voice for "Tech Adept Inquisitor: Warhammer 40k"
Soulpix - Voiced the character of "Darot" in video game "Eden Tomorrow"
Thames Water - Explainer Video
Teknicor - Corporate VO
FatDog Media - Internet Video
Billy Graham Evangelist Association - Internet Ad
Reinis Bruvelis - Narrator
Herbal Life (Hindi) - Audio Guide VO
Piotr Karter Films - Narrator / Explainer for Video (Art of Garyu)
Charlie Gultiano-Wyton (Animation Created) - Voice of character "Thomas Gunn" in animation "Stranded."

Legacy: Book 1 in the Biodome Chronicles by (Science-Fiction)
Elements: Book 2 in the Biodome Chronicles (Science-Fiction)
GameMaster: Book 3 in the Biodome Chronicles (Science-Fiction)
Lost and Found (Memoir)


I can also sing in English and other languages as mentioned above. I have post production skills as I have been editing and producing my own work since the start of my VO Career, which includes producing longer projects like audiobooks and shorter projects which lasted less than a minute.