Sion Dayson

Sion Dayson

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"Warm, Worldly, Weaver of Words: Compelling American VO"

Hi there.

I'm an American voice actor who has been living in Europe for 14 years. I have a neutral American accent, but bring an international flair.

I'm especially adept at storytelling and explaining things in ways that people can easily follow. My previous background as a writer and teacher mean I connect to language deeply and know how to engage listeners in compelling ways. With my educational and editorial experience, I excel at eLearning and narration projects, as well as bringing vitality and verve to commercials. There's a story in everything. I use my voice to express that story in the best way to suit each client and project.

Reads in my wheelhouse: conversational, confident, knowledgeable, sultry, luxurious, smooth, relatable, encouraging, reassuring, technical, and many more.


Private VO coaching with Lori Alan, Kelly McGee
Private voice coaching with Nicola Redman
Group VO coaching with Anna Garduno, Alyson Steele, Carrie Olsen
Improv Training with Hoopla Improv (London)


VO projects for clients including Ascend Learning, CHG Healthcare, CloudPay, DPDgroup, Iberian Media, JP Morgan, Kognito, MTN Advertising, the National Academy of Sports Medicine and more.


I was a copywriter for many years so my script analysis is especially strong.