Simon Masterton

Simon Masterton

Membre depuis 2 années
"Expressive, authoritative, unique, yet approachable"

As a well established lecturer in voice, accents and music, Simon's host of vocal skills are an asset to any voice acting job. He's worked as a director, taught voice acting classes, trains accent teachers and top performers alike, and brings his musicality and literary training to every session.

Simon's particular passion is for education, so e-learning and explainers are his stock-in-trade. Long-form narration is another passion, to which he bring efficiency, stone-cold-brilliant sight-reading skills, and a range of character voices and expressive variety.


Trained as an actor at the Royal Academy of Music in London, and holding an MFA in voice from the National Insitute of Dramatic Arts in Sydney, Australia, Simon has also completed voiceover courses with some of Sydney's finest talent, and has himself taught voice acting to graduating students from some of Australia's most prestigious univerisities.


Returning to performing after years establishing himself as a lecturer and coach, Simon has recently worked for Sydney Living Museums in a range of accents for an immersive audio tour, and as a voice for Audible podcasts. As a performer, he's worked worldwide, touring with jazz and classical vocal ensembles, and acting in theatre around the UK and Europe in both French and English.


Highly accomplished singer multiple styles from Early Music to Jazz and contemporary singer-songwriter
Multiple accents with total confidence: Scottish, Yorkshire, Scouse, RP, Modern General British, Cockney, Estuary, Australian, General American, New York, Californian, French, Spanish, Italian, Welsh, Northern Irish, Standard Contemporary Irish, Dublin, West Country, and more.
Fluent in French and Spanish.
Qualified translator from French and Spanish