Sharyn Doolan

Sharyn Doolan

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"From sassy Teen to bad-ass Granny - I'm extremely versatile!"

This is not about me...and it's not just reading words on a piece of paper... this is YOUR slice of magic, and you want it woven to create something special... to connect.
I get it!
I know you need me to capture your audience - engage them - motivate or teach them... and you want me to take those black squiggles on white, and make it sound real... give it life.
When you need me to sell... I'll sell...
When you need a teacher for your E-Learning programme, I'll teach and explain like I was born and bred in your industry and know it intimately.
When you need me to cry... I'll cry for you and the audience you need to reach..

Behind every word, is an emotion... a feeling... my job is to get your audience to feel it too.

That's what I will to do for you.


I started out in theatre as a teenager. I loved it! Being back stage, starting out with the makeup and creating a visual change, a character, a different persona..
Then moving on stage to bring that new being to life. The thoughts, actions, words and emotions.
It's amazing to feel and witness the changes as you take on this new 'person' - they're real and tangible. As real as you and me.

In my late teens, I jumped into the heady world of commercial radio. WOW! What an exciting time to be on the air. The music, the people, the atmosphere and electricity of talking with literally thousands of people, whispering in their ear and talking to only them, that one person.... being a friend, mentor and fun girl next door all rolled into one.

It was at my first radio station, that I was asked to read my first commercial. I still remember it vividly.
It was a sexy, husky read... and while I was standing there behind the microphone, I moved with the words, my body slithering, sliding, getting all seductive... and I fell hopelessly in love.

I fell in love with the way those words can be brought to life... and the way my entire body was involved in telling the story.
Quite simply, I fell in love with being a voice actor... and the love affair continues every day.


I've been a voice actor for quite a while, so the list of companies I've worked for is extensive..
But to give some names... okay...
Virgin Airlines.
Westpac Bank
Suncorp Bank
Australian Federal Government.
Australian State Governments.
Alfa Romeo / Fiat
Political parties.
I've worked with small town businesses to the largest multinationals... and no matter for whom or what I've voiced. I've given all of me to each job.


Please don't ask me to sing, unless you want someone who sounds like Miss Piggy singing flat on a really bad hair day.
If that's what you want tho'... I'm your girl!!!