Serra Hirsch

Membre depuis 5 années •
"Bright, Friendly and Confident voice in both French and English"

Completely bilingual in French and English, Serra is a non-union voice over talent who works consistently in both languages. A native French speaker who speaks fluent French with no regional accent (French dialect), Serra has a wide range of American and "European" accents, ranging from silly cartoon-style character voices to a valley girl teenager to a thick French accent or neutral European accent. Her cartoon voices vary from a young boy or girl 2-3, to a feisty teen-aged girl, all the way to a goofy grown-up or a grandfather voice. She sings, able to maintain character voices while singing. Basic American English female voices are upbeat, young, accessible and girl-next-door friendly. Has a popular smooth motherly voice and a friendly, spunky young adult voice.


Training in Theater, Puppetry and Education. Works mostly as a voice artist, puppeteer and puppet/prop builder and has experience working in sketch/stand-up comedy as well. Her varied performing experience lends itself naturally to working as a voice-over artist.

BFA, Acting, Emerson College
MA, Educational Theatre, NYU


Past jobs have included voiceovers in TV/Radio commercials, animated films and cartoons, Narrations, Documentaries, PSA's, Interactive spots, promos for kid’s toys and numerous French voice-overs: "French accent" voiceovers for beauty product commercials, museum tours recordings, voice recordings for corporations.
Commercial VO: TV/Radio commercials for hundreds of brands including Bank of America, JCPenney, Toyota, Burlington Coat Factory, Slim Quick, AT&T Wireless, CK One, Kmart, Lincoln Financial, Soap-dot-com, Bud Light, Applegate Hotdogs, Trip Advisor, Words with Friends, Aquafina, Yellow Tail Wine, Annie Sez, Virgin Mobile, UPromise, Bojangles, JCPenney and a Public Council Ad for the TeachNYC website. I voiced a talking bug in a tv spot for Lifeway Kefir's "ProBugs" and a talking Raisinet for a Raisinets (Nestle) animated web series.
Narration: OVO-dot-com, Bank of America Website, Frigidaire, Museum and City Tours, Dove Chocolates, PHYTO Beauty Products, American Express Small Business Saturday, Go Daddy, Holiday Inn.
E Learning: Brill Kids, Hello Pal
Animation & ADR work in both French and English:
Wolverine and the X-Men (French) - Domino & Spiral
Angel's Friends (English) - Angel Urie
The Drakers (English) - Margot DuVall
Daddy, I'm a Zombie - Isis
Mummy, I'm a Zombie (French translation) - Isis
Tip the Mouse (English) - Mommy
Spike Team (English) - Grace Hightower
Jewtopia (French translation) - Alison Marks (the Jennifer Love Hewitt character)
Letters from Felix movies/TV Series (French) - Sophie
Ploddy the Police Car (French) - Hilda
Heroes of the City (English) - Tilly Train, Wheelie Scooter, Tracy Truck, Sally Seaplane


Translation services (French/English or English/French) also available. Can add music to vocal track.