Sean O. Shea

Membre depuis 7 années •
"Warm, Friendly and Conversational"

I help businesses get noticed by providing them with professional voice overs for their commercial, narration, voice mail and training videos, so they can reach their target audience. My voice has been described as real and natural, warm, "guy next door", sexy, strong, informative, motivational and trustworthy. A voice with character. Not to mention, I'm a character with a bunch of voices, too.

Let's have some fun!! Or let's get serious!! Whatever you need.


Although the coaching and training will never stop....

Some of my past coaches include:
Alice Whitfield
Patrick Fraley
Michael Ingram
Johnny Heller


During a 5 year stretch in radio, as an announcer, I was introduced to the fun and creative world of voice overs. I started recording in-house commercials for our local clients, such as night clubs, car dealerships, supermarkets and tattoo parlors.(what kind of a Rock station would we be if we didn't have a tattoo parlor running commercials)

Those radio days may be long gone, but I have never stopped lending my voice to whatever projects I could find on my own. For 20 years I have been working at what I love most, Voice Overs!

Some recent clients include:

Crested Butte Ski Mountain Resort
Exeter Center For Orthopedics and Movement
The Big E
Community Bank
Windham Hospital
Syrah Medias


Working from my Professional In-Home Studio allows me the opportunity to offer super-fast turnaround for most projects, usually having the final recorded and edited audio files sent to you the same day via e-mail, FTP, or any of the many other online service choices. Whatever works for you, will work for me!