Samantha Hutton

Samantha Hutton

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"The English Witch with the Magical Voice"

Samantha V Hutton is a professional audio artist accredited with Equity (UK Actors Union), who has been a professional actress since 2014 and undertaken a number of voice over work for a variety of clients in various industries and sectors.

After being on radio for over 5 years, and gaining celebrity endorsements she wanted to peruse her narrative and characters she created on radio into other forms of media. And in May 2018, she started up her own company; Goatshead Castle Productions, where she has brought her strange and unusual characters to life in publications… But this was still only the beginning, Samantha V started narrating audiobooks (primarily children’s books) for other authors and once she worked on her craft from them, she began narrating her own publications.


On radio, producing my own comedy sitcoms episodes each week on Party 934 FM, which aired live to the Hudson Valley in New York City.


Voice Over Work:
Country Hill Cottage Ltd - Voice all tutorial videos for Country Hill Cottage Ltd
Mozilla - EU Copyrights Laws on the Internet Campaign Video.
Spotify - Advert for ‘Voices’ by Matty Carter & Arial
The Crunch - Voiced the promotional film for the Wellcome Trusts The Crunch.
Activia - 3 Adverts for their Probiotics line.
Crosscraft - Voiced two product videos.
LCF (Legal Cost Finance) - Advert.
The Core Puzzle - Character role: voiced AI. Research of the effects of voice acting on gaming and puzzle enjoyment.
Pinterest - Full voice over for Pinterest Consumer Tutorials (England)
Webcall Pro - Corporate advertising video.
FFF (Future Focused Finance) - Short Presentation for NHS.
Internal English Examination Video - Playing part: Student

Audiobooks Credits:
The Tiny Spider Joins a Race (Tiny spider series) by Sarah L. Bowman
Christmas Is Near by Rebecka Georgia
The Cheese Witch by Rebecka Georgia
My Vegetables Came to Life by Rebecka Georgia
Halloween: Adventures at Goatshead Castle. By Samantha V Hutton
The Lambton Worm Junior: Adventures at Goatshead Castle. by Samantha V Hutton
Guaranteed Success for Grade School: 50 Easy Things You Can Do Today! by Marrae Kimball
The Snowman by Angela Lake
Two Brothers Find Happiness by Asami Rika
You are Beautiful: Bedtime Story for Kids by Gaby W
The Perfect Gift for Valentine’s Day by Tesla Pine
The Leopard by Gaby W
I Love my Sister: Children Book by Angela Lake
The Little Boy and the Hunter by Asami Rika
Merry Christmas: Bedtime Story for Kids by Asami Rika
Happy Halloween: Bedtime Story for Kids by Asami Rika
Medicinal Herbs: A beginners guide to Medicinal Herbs by Erik Smith
The Hard to Please Princess by Nicole Russin-McFarland
The Three Greedy Mice by Asami Rika
A Cat and his Secret Friend: Children Books by Asami Rika
The Chicken and the Snakes by Asami Rika
I Need a Friend: Children Books by Asami Rika
Snow White by Angela Lake
The Little Girl and the Magic Purse by Jill White
Ketogenic Diet: 79 Ketosis Recipes That Use Foods PROVEN to Fire Up Your Body’s Fat Burning Potential by Kayla Bates
The Money and the Cat by Asami Rika
Adventure Time by Asami Rika
The Fox’s Magical Blackberries by Asami Rika
A Fox’s Love by Asami Rika
A Chinese Story: The Singing Bird by Ci Ci
The Soccar Boy by Asami Rika
A Chinese Story: The Boy who Cry Wolf by Ci Ci
I Love Vegetables: Bedtime Stories by Angela Lake
A Chinese Story: The Snail Girl by Ci Ci
A Chinese Story: Let the Wolf into your Home by Ci Ci
Secret Garden by Asami Rika
An Eyptian Story Moon by Asami Rika

Radio Credits:
The Samantha V Hutton Show, Party 934 FM, Character Voices, Creator, Writer & Producer
The Asylum, HFM , Voiced Promo ID’s
Wayne Russell’s Folk Train, Chat and Spin FM, Promo IDs
The Asylum, Real Punk Radio, Character voices
Dr Wee’s Sketch Show, Chat and Spin FM, Character voices and Promo ID’s


Whilst on radio for over 5 years, with my radio drama I used to do all the writing and editing for each hour long episode.