Salwa Abdel-Wahab

Salwa Abdel-Wahab

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"Arabic language dubbing director and a voice talent."

Knowing where you want to go is often easier than knowing the best way to get there. Trying to find the most professional and sophisticated services in the fields of Arabic dubbing and voice-over may not be that easy. You certainly deserve a partner who is focusing on your aspirations and goals, delivering the best possible as well as trustworthy services in the market place combined with a deep understanding for your needs.

Introducing our expertise and efficient services at a( glance:

• Professional competence and proven track record as well as long-standing know-how in dubbing and voice-over.

•Music production with a very professional quality.

• Key languages: Classical Arabic and the Egyptian dialect.

• Working on major high quality projects in the Film and Animation as well as Television and Advertising industries.

• Clients included Disney, CCTV, Nickelodeon, Al-Jazeera, FOX, Discovery Channel, MBC channels, National Geographic Channel and various European companies .

• Casting for commercial, film or television projects; effective recruitment and selection of performers.

• Client-centric, reliable, solution-oriented and flexible approach to work.

• Dedicated expert personnel.

• We also have a highly professional musicians to do anything concerns music production.

Our aim is not merely to meet your professional expectations but to exceed them. It’s a winning strategy!

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Been in this field since I was 8 :-)


Quality and cost effective Movie & TV Series dubbing/Documentaries/E-learning/ Translation/Proofreading/ Music post production & Corporate video dubbing and voice-over services in the Arabic language.

*Professional voice-over for series-productions and commercials.

*Well renowned TV and Radio Jingles Vocalist in Egypt and the majority of MENA region countries.

*Long-standing artistic career (25+ years) as a director for both dialogue and music with animation as well as live production companies.

*Acting and singing in many animation and live productions, strong ability to adapt voice to requirements of style and tone, maintains connection between spoken and sung voice.

*International clients included Disney, Nickelodeon, Al-Jazeera, MBC, FOX Channel and various production companies throughout Europe.


Audio post production, music post production, singing and acting.