Rupert Bush

Rupert Bush

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"Versatile with warmth and re-assurance"

I have been in the voiceover business for many years and my voice has developed along with my editing and production skills. First and foremost my voice is warm, reassuring and trustworthy a natural British voice with a hint of wisdom and tons of character, ideal for documentaries, commercials and corporate messages. I also have enjoyed many years as a book narrator, creating drama in the narrative, giving a multitude of characters a voice and giving the story a pulse are the aspects I particularly like about the process. I am London based, with my own first-class studio, a trained sound editor and have many years experience as a producer.


I started many years ago at a commercials production studio in Los Angeles working as a runner and a trainee sound editor, my voice was discovered by some comedy writers, I was asked daily to go in the booth to read scripts to see if they worked, this led to a Budweiser commercial and I was off and running. Now many years later I am still working and have a wealth of experience in many different areas. I believe you never stop learning and improving and am always on the lookout for new challenges.


First of all I love the challenge of bringing a script to life, it is always a fascinating process and you never know what kind of challenge will come to your inbox. I have been doing the job for many years and am proud of many of the different jobs that I have been lucky to be selected for. At the end of last year I narrated a novel 'Vienna Spies' which I guess sums up the variety of skills used. The novel was set in Vienna in 1945 with multiple characters-British, Russian and German and a mix of male and female. All these characters had to be prepared, given a voice and the drama and excitement of the plot brought to life. I also had a tight deadline and recorded and edited the book in my studio here in London. The client was really happy and the book delivered on time.


I am a trained sound editor with many years experience, I have my own studio with a Neumann U87 microphone and I use Adobe Audition software. I have also been a freelance broadcast producer for many years and have had to work with a multitude of clients from many countries.