Robbie Stevens

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"Silky, experienced & versatile. Like an egg - but better."

I am a highly experienced and very versatile voice, having been in the industry for many years.
I trained as an actor (Central School of Speech & Drama) so can interpret a script, and lift even the heaviest of texts off the page imaginatively.
I have a broad range of accents and characters, useful for computer games and animation, or just to add some colour to your project.
I am always happy to discuss ideas and put several down for you before you decide which way to go.
I love my work and strive to make every working relationship a fun and productive one!
Also, I have ISDN so it doesn't matter where you live, we can connect!
I look forward to hearing from, and working with, you.


I trained as an actor at Central School of Speech & Drama, London, and spent ten years in theatre and TV before going full-time as a voice artist.
I learned most of my voiceover-specific skills on the job and by working with some of the top voice talent in London. After more than 25 years I'm still learning and honing my skills!


ANIMATION: 'Terrahawks' (Gerry Anderson) puppet/animation - characters include Yungstar, Stew Dapples, 101, Dix-Huit, Hudson and many more
'New Captain Scarlet' (Gerry Anderson) CGI animation - Captain Blue and other incidental male characters
AUDIO DOWNLOADS: 'Dr Who' - Big Finish Productions - CD/downloadable audio dramas - various characters in episodes: Quicksilver, We Are the Daleks, Criss-Cross, Waters of Amsterdam, Peterloo Massacre, The Helliax Rift, Order of the Daleks
COMPUTER GAMES: Fable 2, Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty Black Ops, Big Little Planet, Aegyptus, Sea Wolf etc...
ENGLISH as a foreign language - multiple voices for ELT projects with Say It (Sweden), Studentlitteratur (Sweden), Wolters (Netherlands), Aschehoug (Norway)
COMMERCIALS - RADIO & TV: The Sun, The Daily Express, Le Piat d'Or, East Midlands Trains, Guinness, Viakal, Sony, Citizens Advice Bureau, Talk Sport etc...


Multiple character creation and accents