Rob Wright

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"Friendly, conversational,Reassuring, Authority"
Rob Wright

I have a natural, smooth and friendly voice. I can easily visualize speaking one on one sitting in my booth all alone. I have the ability to be conversational but yet speak with authority. If need be I can drop down to low bass and have the deep dark foreboding sound. I also have the ability to pitch up to younger Higher voiced teen years as well as a very old and "cranky" old man. As a musician and singer I have the ability to match the timber of any pick up lines that need to be done. Being a musician I have a very good metronome in my head to be able to keep on pace and repeat what ever tempo needed to hit the target length of spot.


I had voice singing lessons when younger, and again when I got older because of a voice change. In my younger years I was involved in stage productions. As I progressed in my employment years, I was an instructor with the USAF. The training for this was significant "in house" training for public speaking. I went on and continued my education through various colleges and universities as I moved around with the Air Force. I have over 130 Semester hours of credits with a major in Communications. After the Air Force I attended Biola University to complete their masters in Apologetics program. This I used for 11 years as a teaching pastor of a church at it's highest point while I was there was 750 in attendance for any giving weekend. I am currently working with my Voice Acting coach Marc Cashman on a weekly basis, as well as several other coaches a bit less frequent. I am in one form or another getting some kind of coaching and mentoring at least once a week.


I have Narrated many Audio books for ACX. Every one of the authors I've read for have either hired me to read additional books or have reserved the ability to call me when their next project is ready. As much as I love audio-book work. I have begun to move more of my focus to Commercial, promotional and documentary projects.
I have done promotional works for Ohio power as well as a cancer treatment center in Chicago.


I have been using my Voice for a living just over 45 years. Either on stage as acting, musician, speaker, lecturer, pastor or teacher. From small intimate groups to large 1000 plus rooms. In all my recording and production projects I have never missed a deadline and have always delivered above and beyond what the client was expecting. I have an exceptional EBM (Eyes,Brain, mouth) process. I can cold read very well, and have actually had a cold read be the take the client wanted.