Rick Mcneil

Rick Mcneil

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"experienced professional voice talent"

deep, rich, confident voice, with a versatile range, able to portray a variety of characters(including animated productions), for promos, commercials, corporate videos/cds, documentaries, websites and video games. My work includes Employee Training videos for Clorox and video spokesperson for a numerous businesses. My voice has been compared to that of Steve Zirnkilton (intro Voice for "Law & Order" TV program), and James Earl Jones (Darth Vader "Star Wars").


WMBM radio station
WVCG radio station


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New Beginnings
Skygoblin Video Games
program host at WACE Radio Station
Grumpy's Seafood Restaurant
Calvary's Love Church
Health Eating Habits
Omega Man Radio Network
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impersonations of famous people, such as: James Earl Jones (Darth Vader "Star Wars"), Orson Wells, Morgan Freeman, Mike Rowe ("Dirty Jobs" and Ford commercials), and Steve Zirnkilton (Voice of "Law & Order" TV program intro).
Extensive public speaking experience, Level II certification as a facilitator for Leadership training.