Rich Greene

Rich Greene

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"Affable, funny, and sensitive guy."

The folks I have worked for have spoken of my range and ability to deliver a line in a moving and authentic way. I can reproduce many different accents, as well. I just plain enjoy reading stuff to people. It goes back to my time as an elementary school teacher, I guess. My favorite part of the day was always read-aloud.


I took several musical performance classes in college. Also, I have learned quite a bit through my experience as a front man for a rock band for some 40 years now. My band appeared on Star Search in 1987. I've played thousands of gigs, mostly one night stands and, as the lead singer and front man, I've had to know how to keep an audience interested in what was happening on stage, and that included being able to speak clearly, directly, and with more than a touch of humor in the delivery.


So far, I am most proud of my work for writer/director Joe Fordham of FlashFilms out of Burbank, CA, performing for the Riant Theatre in NYC (I recently - October 2020 - played the part of the Narrator for a Zoom presentation of a reading of The Grace of God and the Man Machine by Robert R. Bowie, Jr.). I also enjoyed my work with American Thirty One Productions in NYC, with actress and director Christine Pardo.


I write, record, and perform children's music. I have a new EP coming out in December 2020. As mentioned above, my band appeared on Star Search in the 80s (we didn't play children's music then) and, during that decade, played 5-6 nights a week. I'm also proud of my career in education. I retired as an elementary school principal in July 2020 and now spend my free time recording voiceover material.