Radhika Aggarwal

Radhika Aggarwal

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"Warm, conversational, down to earth, with a sparkle :-)"

Equally at home with character-based and narrative reads, I love breathing life into your words. With a background in devised theatre and storytelling, I can do more than sound professional; I add nuance, depth and story.

I have worked on video-games, radio-plays, commercials, e-learning, animations, explainer videos and VR experiences. With puppetry and physical theatre experience, I have recently started working in mo-cap too, which I love.

My natural tone is warm, down-to-earth, and friendly with an interested and intelligent quality. I am a native Londoner, and am also booked often to use an educated 'general Indian' accent.

I love to play with accents and atmospheres to find the voice that suits the project. I have an acoustically treated recording studio and can deliver projects to industry standard, from home. Happy to connect via source connect, skype or zoom to record for your project.


I am approaching 20 years as an Equity and Spotlight registered actor and voice-over artist. I have worked on ADR, video games and radios-plays and more recently on commercials and corporate narrations. I continually train as a reflective professional. I am very excited to learn how to use rhythmo band technology on a course very soon :-)

Courses I have completed include 'casting' and 'recording from home' with Gravy For The Brain. I regularly continue my professional development by attending their webinars on a range of subjects from branding to effective long-form narration. Last year I attended Louis Elmans ADR introduction. Despite not being new to voiceover itself, it is within the last year that I have been delivering projects from my home studio. These have included BBC Audio plays and national commercial campaigns.


My first VO job was for Electronic Arts circa 2001 for their Harry Potter game. Since then I have recorded BBC radio-plays and shorts stories. Other video games have included Zombies! Run. Many of the theatre productions I have toured with also featured an aural element. My parts in The Lovely Bones and Engine Brake included using mics to create a range of character and sound effects. These were all jobs through my acting agent.

I just voiced a national campaign for Deliveroo's NHS Meal donations. I have delivered corporate reads for a range of clients including Pandora, GSK, IAPB (this was a fab project played at the UN for the WHO's first world report on vision), and a suite of e-learning content for Pearson. I used to be a secondary school maths teacher and still develop STEM resources so often get booked for more technical content.

Presenting and VO work have included a video for Halifax Mortgages and last year I was booked to deliver seven 32K videos for Oracle (yes 32K!).
Other clients where my voice and face were used include Vodaphone, Samsung, British Red Cross, Microsoft, PWC, and our beloved NHS.


I can sing in harmony and love singing with other people. I play Brass instruments and drums (and can accompany on the spoons too!)
I can whistle and have many other random instruments at home including tibetan singing bowls, bells, a rainstick and many others.