Rachel Sellers

Rachel Sellers

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"A smooth as chocolate trustworthy and approachable British voice"

I am a British female voiceover artist with over 18 years' voiceover experience, providing a clear, warm voiceover style for national tv and radio commercials, corporate and documentary narrations, training and e-learning videos, to natural, bright reads for online product and explainer videos, infomercials and jingles, or character voices for audiobooks videogames and apps.

Imagine. A typically untypical Monday. In just one day, I was the cackling character voice of a bonkers witch for a video game, a BBC/RP narrator for a documentary about whales and a friendly, informative voice for a crowdfunding video campaign. I love the challenge of different voiceover work, shifting from serious, trustworthy and informative, to upbeat, humorous and a tad wacky!

If you’re looking for a British female voiceover to sell a product or service, I can give you Trustworthy, Honest, Sincere and Kind. If you require a more Informative or Educational style for your elearning, e-training, documentary or presentation voiceover I can do that too!

Do you need an Enthusiastic, Energetic voice to bring life to your commercial, video or messaging? No problem, I will oblige with a voice and style to suit your audience. I love doing Character reads and children’s voices too - perfect for video games, mobile apps, promos and audiobooks.

I can also bring you Saucy, Suggestive and fifty shades of Naughty or something Smooth, Rich and Sophisticated. I’ve been told it reminds them of merlot and melted chocolate!


School, Uni and a life time of listening!

About my voice
With an ear for voices and an eye for detail, I can adapt my voice to suit whatever your project requires. What can I say…..I LOVE reading aloud. As a child I, apparently, used to mimic the voices of children I went to play with...and their parents! (Oops). I also wrote play scripts, dressed up and acted out all the parts. (Ok, bit weird, but I enjoyed it). I was that annoying teenager who always volunteered to read passages of text in class and didn’t hesitate when asked to read passages and poems in front of the school. And now, I’d love to read and record your text.

Being a professional voice over artist is so much more than merely reading words off a page. As soon as I receive your script I will read it carefully to get a sense of the message. Once I have a thorough understanding of the text and the audience for whom the voiceover is intended, I can start to create the right tone for your read. With a clear brief and artistic direction from you, I can lift the words off the page, add some life to them and fully engage your listener.


I've been lucky to have some great clients - Shell, Mars, Google, Nintendo, Orange, Transport for London, Roche Pharmaceutical, Amazon, Barclays, Good Housekeeping, TK Maxx and some lesser known but fantastic independent companies producing great work of which I'm proud to play a part.

My voice over work includes:
* TV & Radio Commercial Ads
* Documentary
* Web Videos
* Corporate Videos
* E-Learning and Explainer videos
* Narration
* Audio Tours & Guides - Walking Tours, Museum and Gallery guides, Real Estate & property Tours
* Crowdfunding videos
* Cartoons and Animations
* Imaging and Idents
* TV & Radio Promos
* Videogames
* Phone greetings - IVR, Voice mail, On-hold, Out of Office telephone prompt messages
* Kid’s TV shows
* Conference and Awards announcing
* Medical & Technical training and presentation guides
* Audio books and spoken vocals for music videos
* Mobile games and apps
* Inflight information
* Podcast intros


Character voices
Post Production
Video Briefing and Art Direction