Qian Li

Qian Li

Membre depuis 6 années
"Outstanding delivery and level of service."

Qian is a native Chinese narrator and radio announcer with 11 years of experience in Japan.
Her voice is professional, believable, warm, caring, conversational, knowledgeable, classy. If you need, she could also be confident, upbeat, animated, girlish, genuine, folksy, or deep, defeated, authoritative, amusing, aloof, calm, feminine.

Her voice has been used by many big company's promotion videos, such as Panasonic, Toshiba, YAMAHA, SHISEIDO, and many more. If you listen to NHK World Radio in Chinese, you will find her in the news and other radio programs. Recently, many museums in Japan use her voice to introduce the exhibits to their customers.

She is looking forward to working with you.She is FRIENDLY AND EASY TO WORK WITH. If there are any problems after the delivery, TELL HER! She will RECORD A NEW ONE for you ASAP.

Hire her before you get off work and the audio file will be waiting for you by the next morning.

She love to record a voice sample especially for you ASAP! Just tell her your needs!
Looking forward to working with you~~~


Trained at Beijing Radio Station


NHK World Radio, Panasonic, Shiseido, TOSHIBA, AISHIN, LegoLand, Pioneer, Rotary Club International, TOTO, etc.


Sync her reading to your video
Clean off the mouth clicks before delivery