Polyniki Varakli

Membre depuis 4 années •
"Warm, pleasant and charming voice that will make you smile"

My voice is warm and soothing and therefore ideal for pleasant content, e.g. story narration and nature documentaries, corporate history videos, anything that is meant to calm and please the listener.
I have my own recording booth and will send you either a raw wav file for you to edit as you please, or a final ready-to-use audio file in the format of your choice without noise, breaths, plosives, peaks, clicks etc.
If you have a project that requires two separate voices, I can offer an additional male voice on the same file, same recording enviroment.
I am experienced with projects that require time synchronised voices.
As a professional lingust, I can even adjust the transcript or create a subtitle (From English or German) - please have a look below under "Special" for more details.
Last but not least, I have taken singing classes and can sing simple songs.
Available daily, probably even on weekends and will respond the next working day at the latest.
You are welcome to direct me live via skype or other platforms.
Open to all project requests.


I took extensive private one-on-one speakage and voice coaching classes with a remarkable and seasoned Greek voice coach and voice over professional.
She tought me how to use my diaphragm to give my voice volume, how to speak clearly, what voice style to use depending on the content - fast, slow, smiling, cocky, enthusiastic, calm - and many more.


I have localised a series of kids Youtube videos with Playmobil stories from German to Greek, meaning I was only given the German video. I translated it myself and spoke 5 different main character as well as addditional voices - teenagers, kids, mom, dad, grandpa etc, matching the timing of the original video.
I have also recorded and mastered a Greek learning ACX audio book and worked on several smaller individual projects for web content.


Apart from offering voice over services, I am a veteran project manager of software and games. I have localised dozens of products, including directing voice overs with renowned German talent. Therefore, I could handle your whole extensive localisation project.
I have been translating games from English and German to Greek since 2012, I have published fantasy short stories, I have edited and translated countless product desciption and marketing texts.
My English and German language skills are excellent and my command of the Greek language is perfect - both in oral and written form.
I have attended Greek language proof-reading and subtitling seminars.
In case of time restrictions, I can help adjust the transcript so it matches timing, or create the whole translated subtitle for you.