Pierre Maubouche

Pierre Maubouche

Membre depuis 1 décennie
"Sincere, warm, natural, deep, experienced French VO, pro studio"

Deep, manly, rich, authoritative, convincing, commanding, gravelly, cavernous, booming, smoky, husky, raspy, gritty, tough, rough, gruff, action hero-like...
but also: genuine, gentle, caring, warm, sexy, velvety, smooth, softly spoken and suave, classy, sophisticated, groovy, current, trendy...

The voice of Pierre “The French Voice” Maubouche has been called many things. In any case, his voice with a 'tunable' gravitas is strong and hard to ignore, and he can easily switch to lighter, cooler or softer tones.

Pierre is a very experienced, native French voiceover guy, living in France - the real McCoy of French voiceovers. Just to make it startlingly clear, Pierre's mother tongue is French - seems obvious enough but it's always reassuring to know that the talent you're looking for is the genuine article.

His accent is neutral French and being originally from Paris he can also speak with a proper, real Parisian accent (also known as 'Parisienne' in the US for some reason...) So whether you're looking for neutral or Parisian French, why settle for less when you can have the real thing? Indeed, he is often seen as the first choice for advertising - TV commercials and radio spots, corporate work, TV promos, continuity, imaging and idents both in French and in French-accented English (being bilingual allows him to adjust his French accent in English, from subtle to verrrry strrrrong!)

Pierre is also a session talent director with considerable experience and has produced award-winning commercials and games, latest one being the French version of the acclaimed Ubisoft's Riders Republic.


Pierre has recorded countless corporate videos as well as commercials for many brands including Apple, X Box, Dolce & Gabbana, PKR, General Electrics, Dell, McDonalds, Kelloggs, BMW, Visa, Sony, Renault, Stella Artois, HP, The Red Cross, Versace, Heineken, Amnesty International, Suzuki, Polaroid (…)

Pierre has also done a lot of continuity, imaging, idents and promos for ESPN, Discovery, MTV, Sky sports, National Geographic Channel, Cartoon Network (…) He is also the voice of the French Apple website and the Iveco Rugby Radio podcasts.

As for games, he has voiced some of the most famous ones: Guitar Hero, Heavenly Sword, Metal Gear Solid, MotoGP, Colin McRae Rally (...) He has also worked on many movies including The Da Vinci Code, Casino Royale, Hotel Rwanda, Kingdom Of Heaven, Munich, Troy, Master and Commander, Shooting Dogs, Vanity Fair (...)


Pierre has lent his voice to most bluechip companies (and many smaller ones!) for their advertising (TV commercials and radio spots), podcasts, corporate, promotional and educational videos, to many TV networks for their continuity, idents, promos and imaging, as well as to many award-winning games, cartoons and movies.

For a non-exhaustive but yet long list of pretty logos belonging to some of Pierre's clients please go to


Pierre is happy to record from the studio of your choice in his area or from his fully broadcast compliant recording studio:
Dedicated, soundproof & acoustically treated booth and control room (average noise floor: -80dB rms) | mic preamp: Avalon VT-737SP | microphones: Neumann U87, Sennheiser MKH 416, vintage 1st series CAD Equitek E100 | SSL 2+ | iMac | Pro Tools | Live remote recording powered by Source Connect Standard / Cleanfeed / Session Link Pro | Live sessions with remote synched audio & video monitoring and playback powered by Zoom