Oliver Zheng

Oliver Zheng

Membre depuis 3 années
"professional Mandarin voice over artist with 28 years experience"

based in London, with over 28 years experience, worked with big brands and companies, with warm, friendly and reliable voice. specialise in tour guide, e-learning, storytelling and material for tests and exams. Always deliver work in time, in quality, with professional home studio.


Graduated from top broadcasting university in China.


2020, Hans Christian Andersen Museum, tour guide
UK GCSE/A Level exam for Chinese
BBC Bitesize
Scotland Police safety campaign
Liverpool Football Club, stadium tour guide
2019, HSBC commercial
OPPO, commercial
Manchester United Football Club, stadium tour guide
2018, Arsenal Football Club, stadium tour guide
Westminster Palace, tour guide
John Lennon documentary
BBC Natural History Channel, one day in the earth, Mandarin narration


2011, Jonny English Reborn, played Chinese interpreter for the Primer Minister.