Nicolas Medina

Nicolas Medina

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"Talent -VOice Over Nick Med"

I am a person who leads with organization, effective in abiding labor sympathy, responsible with the tasks assigned to meet the objectives of the functions within a technical service within the business campus. I have worked in my work history as an honest, loyal, dedicated and responsible person with the assigned tasks, to fulfill the assigned objectives more indicated for the situation and the work environment, as sustenance; I know technical support environments in various areas about telecommunications, management, analysis, finance, digital media and design within my work experience and my essential focus on creative music and Audio and Sound with an essence in the participation of competitions and cultural calls to promote entrepreneurship, implementing the creation of creative musical industries such as Video, Photography, Illustration, Television Post-production with knowledge in various areas of workflow, within my experience; I have also developed graphic animation by implementing studies in 3D Animation - development, web programming and use of computer tools optimizing the use of tools at the forefront of today. I have implemented the application of databases that maximize the memory of the information for interaction in networks and security policies of the same. I have developed the English language at an intermediate level through the educational environment to enable interactions with specific purposes.


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Sophisticated musical background!


I work as Freelancer as Voice Over Actor


Post-Production Audiovisual