Naomi Madelin

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"The Voice That Makes Sense"
Naomi Madelin

I'm a trained actor with a long and varied business career to draw on as well. I've worked as a consultant across a range of industries with a lot of corporate vocabulary. I read widely and am very literate. Speaking two languages (native English with high level conversational French) means I'm used to, and good at, pronouncing new words. This is a great asset when it comes to voice work.

In my acting career I appeared in national television commercial and drama series as well as regular stage performances both inside and outdoors.

My drama and acting means I have honed excellent sight-reading skills, so I can deliver a very competent and accurate cold read (such as is needed for e-learning scripts). I will provide intelligent reading of technical and medical copy, injecting life and colour as needed.

Naturally the skills I have lend themselves to documentary and more narrative storytelling genres too.


I started voice and drama training when I was a young teenager, obtaining several levels of LAMDA examinations.

I have a BA (Hons) in Drama and Theatre Studies. In the 2000s I trained for TV work, with a focus on TV commercials, where the use of vocal expression over a short scene needs to be precise and focussed. I appeared in numerous national TV commercials and a national soap opera series.

Throughout that time I had a parallel career working in business as a cross-departmental project manager and process specialist. These skills are incredibly useful and very pertinent to my voice over business. I pride myself on efficient processes and attention to detail.

In the mid-naughties my husband and I started a business in the photo industry. I presented to camera for promotional videos we made, and on our YouTube channel. At trade shows I presented to the public, demonstrating our products and being the warm, friendly and engaging face of our business. All valuable training that I bring to voice over.

I’ve honed my voice over skills with further courses through Gravy For The Brain, with whom my training continues.


I’m currently working with a dynamic new finance business based in Geneva. They are launching a service in the niche of Algo Trading - a niche that involves some pretty heavy technical corporate language! It’s great to have the trust of bright, focussed business people who know I’ll deliver as they create instructional and promotional videos for their YouTube channel.

Starting from scratch I created a promotional explainer video for a UK loft conversions company. I wrote the script, recorded the audio and then edited together a video using images from their library and royalty-free music.


I specialise in more technical scripts for corporate voice-over, e-learning, medical narration and explainer videos.

I can edit and master audio to deliver a clear, finished file for my clients.