Moritz Gröger

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"A Voice is just like music... Able to transport emotiotions."
Moritz Gröger

I love to work with my voice, that people would discripe as symphatic, intelligent, warm and trusting. I just seem to have the abillity to make people like to listen to me and therefore are more willing to think about the things that come out of my mouth.
I have a wide range that gains from a very low but still strong and present state to a high, jumpy and bright sound and seem to have a very intuitive ability to transport emotions since I am also a musician and singer.


At a actor School.
During several Workshops and trainings.


I did many imagefilms for globally acting firms like Löwenstein Medical (Leading Medical Technique Developer), Deutsche Bank, OFC a well known German Footballclub, Spoke a move by a famous german youtuber which was shown in german theater, Several indipendent Moviedirectors, many global companies that I can not name cause my work is for internal communication use only... several Moodfilms for internal proposals, several explenationfilms for internal company use.


I am a profesionall Music Producer, Recording Engeneer and Audiomixer. I also am a musician and do singing and play several Instrumants.
Beside that I work as a freelancer in the movie business as creative writer, cutter and motion fx artist.