Mohamed Maged

Membre depuis 3 années
"With my Voice, you will be able to Visualize Every Single Word."

his is Mohamed Maged, an outstanding Arabic Voice actor and Subtitler.
I'm a freelance voice actor at TransPerfect, YouTube channels, and Soundeals.
The following points will show my special characteristics:

1. I have a unique tone of voice:
2. Language Fluency:
My academic specialization is in Arts, Language Studies and Translation. Which made me professional in the grammar and pronunciation rules.
3. Multi-languages:
I will be the perfect candidate for the bilingual characters/roles, as my native language is Arabic and I’m a Spanish and English fluent speaker.
4. Artistic and Expressive Performance:
My academic studies of arts (Theater, novels, etc.) and the practical courses and workshops of acting and creative writing made me able to treat every script as an Artistic Piece, I analyze the text identity, target audience, and the message that you want to deliver to get the best performance.
With my Voice records, you will be able to Visualize Every Single Word.
5. I provide accurate synchronization for the dubbing projects (lip-sync).
6. High-quality and fast delivery:
I deliver high-quality records and fast delivery as I use my professional home studio, with Rode NT2-A microphone and M Audio-Air 194 Interface, in a well-treated studio.
7. Digital Editing high capability using professional platforms such as Adobe Audition and Adobe Premiere.

What languages/dialects do I provide?

· Modern Standard Arabic (Fusha).
· Egyptian Arabic.
· Spanish (Castilian).

Please check the attached samples:

· Collective demo, different styles:

· News:


· E-learning

· Documentary "SU 57 Jet fighter":

· Narration Sample "الطنطورية":


· Prince Zuko from "Avatar: The Last Airbender":

· Patrick Star from "Spongebob":

· Dracula from "Hotel Transylvania":

· Prince Balian from "Kingdom of Heaven" in Spanish:

Send me your project and get your work perfectly done.


• Voice Acting Master Class With Peter Baker.
• Voice acting with Marinda Botha at Udemy.
• Voice Over diploma from Radio 90's FM with the famous Voice Acting the Director Dr. Asmaa Samir.
• Dubbing diploma from Radio 90's FM with the famous Voice Acting Trainer Kreem El-Hossainy.


• Voice Actor and QCer at "Transperfect"
• "Big Fat Book" Egyptian Arabic audiobook for beginners.
• "Net Bop" UK main voice actor.
• Business administration E-Learning Course for "Kalimera Business SRL"
• Announcement for "Idv digital"
• Main Voice over for "World Scoop" documentary Youtube channel.
• Voice actor for "Falcon Dash" Mobile game.
• Storyteller for independent/individual clients as a freelancer.


Providing a full localization service in 3 languages (Arabic, English, and Spanish)
I manage the postproduction process of editing.