Miguel Vasquez

Miguel Vasquez

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"Male Voice Over, Bass Baritone, deep gravy, with melted butter."

I find that my experience as a professional actor has been instrumental in my Voice Over career, as it has enabled me to convey text through emotion comprehensively.
"As long as there is breath... there is motivation to act."


- Classical and Contemporary Theatre
- Musical Theatre
- Film


- I have been nominated twice for "Best Stage Actor for the Aliw Awards", and I have been nominated as "Performer of the Decade for Broadway World".
- I have been working as a Professional Voice Talent for over 20 years, with experience in Live Events, Commercials TV/Radio/Internet, Audio Visual Presentations, Film,
Dubbing, Animation.
- I've worked with Clients such as, Marlboro, Nike, KFC, Gatorade, Bridgestone, Caltex, Nestle, Nescafe, Colt 45, Colgate, Tressame, Phizer, Toyota, Rogin E, the list goes on.
- I am also a Producer/Director, and have an understanding of what it fully takes in order to complete a project from pre production to post production.


- Vocalist/Bass Baritone
- Various accents
- I have my own professional recording equipment, I am capable of recording remotely and sending files to Clients for their convenience.