Melanie Taylor

Melanie Taylor

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"Friendly, Hip, Funny, Real, Conversational, Warm"

My voice is very versatile. Genuine, warm, confident, funny, smooth, caring, sexy, mature, professional. I take direction well & can switch deliveries depending on the tone of the copy.


Training includes advanced voiceover work with Marice Tobias, Jerry Houston, Marilyn McAleer and Bob Magruder, as well as on-stage acting and audio prompter.


I have over 20 years experience in the voiceover industry. My voice work includes radio/tv commercials, narration, corporate/industrial, on hold messaging, animation, web site audio, radio/tv imaging, etc. Past & present clients include Walt Disney, MSNBC, Coca-Cola, Nabisco, Sprint, State Farm, Time Warner, Huggies, Kinkos, BP, Lockheed Martin, Honda, Cox Cable, Hooters, Mercedes Benz, Reliant Energy, etc. Radio stations you've heard my voice on include KEGL (Dallas), KHMX/KTBZ/KLOL (Houston), WIYY (Baltimore), KBKS (Seattle), WAKS (Cleveland), WMYU (Knoxville), KSLZ (St. Louis), KZHT (Salt Lake City), WJIM (Lansing), WHTS (Grand Rapids), etc. I've also voiced numerous concert tour commercials for Goo Goo Dolls, Bush, Jack Johnson, Sting, Jewel, Bonnie Raitt, Jennifer Nettle, Natalie Cole and others - as well as parody spots featured on Jimmy Kimmel.


Voiceover, editing, full production. Source Connect & phone patch available.