Meidiansyah Yusfirman

Meidiansyah Yusfirman

Membre depuis 2 années •
"I am an Indonesian Male Voice Over Artist"

I'm an Indonesian male voice over artist, I have more than 10 years experiences in voice over industry.

I'm native Indonesian speaker. I also operate my recording equipment. I'm familiar with editing, restoration, mixing and mastering. I can meet the deadline very well. I have the wish to work hard. I have good communication, and I have good performance and willing to work overtime


I have been working Prambors Radio Indonesia since 2006. I have done many voice over works for the radio. And also I have done many voice over works with many companies/products. Such as Fuji Film, Prudential, Halodoc, Wuling Motors etc


1. I have done many voice over works for Wuling Motors Indonesia (2018-2019)
2. I have done many voice over works for Prudential Indonesia (2020-2021)
3. I have done many E-learning projects from clients in many countries
4. In 2020-2021, I have done dubbing project for Thomas and Friends Offiicial Indonesia. I was voice overing for more than 5 characters in the series. Please click the link to watch the movie ---


I do the editing by myself