Matthew Barker

Matthew Barker

Membre depuis 2 années
"A warm, friendly and sincere voice with great adaptability."

With a very slight East Midlands accent, I lean toward a very neutral sound. I have natural depth and reassurance to my tone, but am experienced at responding to direction and providing alternative energies to readings. Through my work as an actor I am well versed in bringing characters and challenging text to life.


I achieved a BA in Acting from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Since my graduation I have worked extensively in theatre and television. Through my screen work I have often been involved in ADR line recordings. This work has also lead my involvement in crowd ADR sessions where responding quickly to direction and matching the correct energy in delivery is both challenging and hugely rewarding.


BBC World Productions and ITV have both provided a great deal of experience with both individual line ADR as well as crowd sessions.


I am able to do short edits, including the splicing of different takes to ensure the desired finish to the project.