Mathieu Szymkowiak

Mathieu Szymkowiak

Membre depuis 3 années •

Mathieu is a voice actor with many years of experience in advertising television, radio commercial, dubbing, animation, video games, educational scripts, etc.
Mathieu has a passion for performance and teamwork and he incorporates acting techniques in every role to improve the authenticity and quality of every project he works on. With this additional skill, Mathieu is able to express a wide range of emotions and represent a variety of characters. He also speaks English as needed for English speaking roles with a French/European accent.

Mathieu looks forward to bringing your text to life!


- Speech and Accent Classes with Ryan O'Shea
- Finding Your Signature Voice with Paul Pape


Cartoon Network / Adidas / Amazon / Netflix / Uber Eats / Hasbro / Playshool / Supercell / Specialized Bike / Cash Atlas / Ultimate Ears / Pfizer / STIHL GCI 100 / Eiffage / Dow Great Stuff / Kevin Mitnick Security / Duolingo


I am a native French (European) speaker fluent in English and able to speak with a neutral or emphasized French accent if required for certain roles.