Masaya Okubo

Masaya Okubo

Membre depuis 3 années •
"Professional, Friendly and Unique Japanese male voice"

Masaya Okubo started his acting career in 2006 in Tokyo. He began as an assistant/apprentice for the renowned Japanese actor, Masachika Ichimura. During his four year tenure, Masaya made numerous appearances in TV dramas with Mr. Ichimura, as well as in the Japanese language adaptation of the musical Sweeney Todd (2011 and 2013).
Masaya moved to the United States in 2015 and is now based in New York. He has continued his training at HB Studios studying the Uta Hagen Acting Technique, while also garnering regular appearances in TV, film and theater. Masaya is currently a featured performer in Samurai performance group, Samurai Sword Soul, performing at the Brooklyn Sakura Matsuri as well as many other festivals and events all over the United States.Online and print Japanese language media have dubbed him a "Chameleon Actor" because of his ability to completely inhabit the roles he plays. He has also worked as a judge in international Japanese film festivals.


Acting training at HB studio in New York and Butai Geijutsu Gakuin in Japan.


Google, Amazon, Swiss Airline, StealSeries, HIG Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resort, Kid's cartoon "Caillou", CBS Broadcast, Game Apps, Video Games, documentary films, feature films, music videos, YouTube animation, Radio drama...etc


Proofreading, Range of voices