Marvin Blandon

Marvin Blandon

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"Deep rich tone, Gravely, corporate, honest and trustworthy"

I have the ability to pull from life experiences as a firefighter for 22 years. I have been part of peoples highs- like delivering babies, to bringing their loved ones back to life. To their lowest lows- Death of a loved ones. You can hear it in the tone of my voice. It very calming and soothing- Father like. I also have an authoritative sound- like that of a Captain on a Fireground. I speak clearly, and I have been told I have a natural story teller sound to my voice.


Such A Voice is where I did my training. All of it was done in my sound booth via computer and microphone. I also did other classes offered at Los Medanos Junior College.


I started in August 2021, I started with my friends coffee company- Kuksa Coffee, and I did some other reads for a 501c3 for their Chili and Chef's cooking classes. I really started feeling good when My demo's were finally produced. I then did a read for for a real estate group, which they loved and I received really good feedback. My first paycheck I received was for an HVAC company. They loved the reading and hired me on the spot, great feeling. My niche is that of a corporate, How to video's, Medical Narration- because I was a Paramedic / Firefighter for 20 years and I know the medical terminology that we use on a daily basis. I keep taking classes with such a voice to assist me in any questions I might have. I am well versed in Audacity, ACX, and what makes my sound even better is my extremely low sound floor. I converted a closet and part of one room and built a sound booth.


I do have my own sound booth, I have Audio Technica AT2020 Mic, Headphones, MacBook, Audiovox USB96, I am very well educated in Audacity, and have many extra plugins. ACX checks.