Manish Dongardive

Manish Dongardive

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"The Gold Standard In Indian Voice-Over"

If you're looking for a neutral, authentic Indian English/Hindi Voice-Over with an educated, polished, and articulate delivery style, you won't have to look beyond me!
My ability to deliver high-quality Voice Overs in Indian English and Hindi fit for a global audience has enabled me to work with brands not only in India but abroad as well.
Aside from my 10 years of work experience in the voice-over industry, my biggest strength has been my versatility. That's why I've been able to record Documentaries, Explainer Videos, TV and Radio Commercials, Audiobooks and E-learning content in equal measure.
Being a voracious reader of several subject matter enables me to have an intelligent opinion and general awareness in several areas which add great value to my reads.
My clients have appreciated the vocal quality of my voice as being- Deep, attractive, friendly, timbered, dynamic, warm, engaging, and aspirational.

So, whether you need the sound of authority, or the comfort of a friend next door, a sprinkle of humor and fun, or the confidence that comes from knowledge and wisdom. No matter what your voice-over need, when you hire me you hire the Gold Standard in Indian Voice-Overs!


I was trained by VoiceMaster UK in a course designed by Steve Hudson in 2009. I was awarded the 'Voice-Master(UK)" diploma for my successful completion.


I come with an experience of 10 years as a Voice talent. Full-time for the past 6 years. I have bagged several English and Hindi National Commercials. A few hundred radio commercials in India. I am also a regular documentary narrator and have recorded several documentaries for Discovery Channel, TLC, and History Channel. I have about 23 Audiobook titles published on Audible, with 3 more productions in the pipeline as I write this. I have also worked with clients in at least 15 countries.
Most of my clients are repeat clients with whom I have shared a working relationship of over 5-6 years. As a result, I have been able to make a great living working doing this full-time in India; putting me in an exclusive company.
My voice has been featured on brands like- MTV, TLC, History Channel, Discovery Channel, AJIO, HDFC, APPLE, GOOGLE, XEROX, SONY, MAX, AUDIBLE, COMCAST, XFINITY and several more.


I offer fully mastered ready-to-broadcast audio. I can also offer dubbing services.