Lucinda Gainey

Lucinda Gainey

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"Feeling at ease has a sound."

Feeling at ease has a sound ... and that sound is the voice of Lucinda Gainey. A voice that people trust, that makes them feel warm and safe, and that they want to keep listening to.

Lucinda has a beautiful voice that can be casual and friendly, soothing and compassionate, or sophisticated and professional. She is also skilled at creating distinct and memorable characters, from bubbly young children to grumpy old ladies. Her acting work is always genuine and believable.

Lucinda is a complete professional in her approach to her work as an actor. She takes the time to understand the story her clients are telling and works to find the best way to communicate that story to the intended audience. She is known for her ability to take direction and deliver results. Her clients appreciate her dedication to their success and her ability to follow through on her commitments.


Braintracks Audio
Edge Studio
BFA in Drama (Acting Emphasis) Carnegie-Mellon University


Lucinda Gainey has narrated over thirty Audiobooks in a variety of genres and numerous Documentaries.

She has given voice to Virtual Health Coaches and Nurses in interactive software and training videos for the medical community.

She has been the storyteller for Museum tours and installations.

She has played a variety of characters for commercials and public service announcements.

Prior to becoming a voice actor, Lucinda spent several decades performing in theatre in more than 50 productions across the country. Most of her performances have been in productions of Shakespeare. Mastering the ability to effectively communicate Shakespeare’s language to a modern audience has given her the ability to make the most complicated passages understandable to the listener.

She now balances her work behind the microphone with her work in on stage.


Working from her professional home studio, Lucinda delivers clean, edited, audio recordings in the format of your choice. She is not satisfied until the client is satisfied so unlimited retakes are included.

In addition to recording, Lucinda can provide editing, mixing and mastering services.

She can accommodate live direction through Skype and has ipDTL in lieu of ISDN.