Lisa O'Connor

Lisa O'Connor

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"My voice is warm and assuring"

I'm enthusiastic and ready to work form my home studio in London


I have a first class honors degree in Theatre and Drama studies from Cork School of Music 2013-2017. During these years I studied Kristin Linklater vocal training which helped me maintain a healthy, truthful and attain a broad range to my voice.

I studied VO work in further detail in a module as part of my degree with Hilary and Peter Foott.

In recent years I've worked with Nick Clinch from 'Notable Voices' who helped me craft my voice reel while opening my eyes to my voice casting and USP.


In 2021 I worked with the BCC in Call the Midwife where I played Jacinta O'Malley in episode 2 season 10. This role demanded a lengthy ADR session in SOHO studios.

I was involved with Flock theatre ensemble in 2018 where I recorded a voice over of my own poem to be played throughout the play.


I enjoy singing Irish folk music and writing and performing my own slam poetry.