Lela Rhodes

Lela Rhodes

Membre depuis 5 années
"Pro talent, Pro Studio, Professional Voice overs done right!"

What sets me apart is not my talent, though I am a very good at what I do, its my work ethic. I believe in providing the absolute best quality. I care about every piece of work I provide. I know that my job is deliver your message in a way that resonates with your audience. I also know that quality counts. I do not record in a closet draped in blankets. I record in a real high quality sound booth with quality equipment. I have worked on hundreds of projects and have the experience to create REAL professional voiceovers.


I began learning voice skills in high school. I was heavily involved in theatre and choir and fell in love with performing. That love has continued and naturally evolved into my current voice career.


I have worked on over 350 projects. Ranging from full audiobooks and e-learning courses to shorter radio commercials.


I do my own post production on most short projects and work with audio engineers on all long for narration. I do this to ensure I give each project the care dedication and attention it deserves.