Ko Takehiro

Ko Takehiro

Membre depuis 2 années
"Elegant mid-high professional japanese voice over or narration"

Hi, I'm Ko, a full time japanese Voice Actor and I would love to help you deliver your message.

I have 14 years of experience in Japan and have appeared in anime.
A cool and cute male voice.
Dialogue from young people to old people
I also do a wide range of narration, from passionate to calm.

Fast Turnaround
・Numerous Product Videos, TV Commercials, eLearning ,youtube videos,video games,app,jpanimation,japan TVshow narration& MORE
・14 years Experience
・Home studio with high-end gear


I have 2 years of vocational school experience and 3 years of lesson experience at an office training center.
Take lessons by a top Japanese narrator instructor.


japan TV,CMnarration

Softbank CM narration
Discovery CH National Geographic Voiceover
Columbia Incandescent Class
Mitsubishi experimental sound source
Golf cart safety education video
Suntory presentation
web comic Ikebukuro West Gate Park


Noise processing, BGM insertion, and editing are possible using protools.